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Dark Renaissance is an adventure game with RPG elements and a compelling and dramatic story, true to historical events, characters and places of the XV century.
From the Author of the best-selling Medici series Matteo Strukul, comes a new exciting Interactive History Drama, pushing the boundaries of video game storytelling and narrative depth.
Embark on a journey through key places of the Renaissance world, lend your sword to Lorenzo de’ Medici and fight formidable enemies such as the cunning Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II.
The most realistic Renaissance epic ever built in a game
Discover the story of Marco Badoer, one of the last knights of the famed Ordo Draconis, a chivalry order so bloodthirsty that counted Vlad the Impaler himself among its ranks.
Meet the rockstars of Renaissance
From Lorenzo il Magnifico to Leonardo da Vinci, you will walk on the shoulder of giants, inside iconic locations such as Venice and Florence, among the others. But be wary: ancient pagan magic, Eastern mysticism and occult knowledge will drag you into the darkest corners of human mind.
moral roleplay and impactful decisions
Shape your path through nuanced branches and dilemmas, inside an endless series of violence and intrigue. Will you unleash your vengeful primal self in the Duel Mode? Or you’ll rather stay balanced as a monk through wise decisions? The choice is yours.
A political manifesto from the past
After condemning the horrors of totalitarianism and datacracy in the award-winning Dry Drowning, StudioV goes back to its roots, to push again the boundaries of philosophical and political discourse in gaming. Swept under the rug of a beautiful world, tales of corruption, violence and dirty money await for the player to be discovered.
Sex, drugs and gambling
The glitter of Florence, the opium-filled hammam of Constantinople, the alcova of the most beautiful courtesans… Shape your personality and desecrate your body as much as you wish with the romance and character relationship system.
Enjoy high-class Renaissance living
Behold the beauty of Italy in all of its splendor during the Main Quest, and stop to relax at Villa del Drago, home to Marco Badoer. To transform this old house in a luxurious mansion, filled with fine Tuscany spirits and tasty food, it’s up to you, thanks to the currency and historical accurate card games.
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